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 Jackpot Jester 200,000 is an exciting UK online slot by NextGen Gaming, which features a well designed with 3 reels. Jackpot Jester 200,000 is a online slot of high variance with a low Return to Player Rate of 94.9% at this online casino, with a total of 5 ways to win in the payline pattern. This online slot also includes a special Super Game Bonus Round with some exceptional jackpot prizes on offer. Play Jackpot Jester 200,000 at Dove Casino online casino to browse our collection of 700+ of the latest UK online slots via PayPal Slots App!

If you have heard of Jackpot Jester 50,000 then you will love Jackpot Jester 200,000 as this UK online slot is an advancement on this popular slot, with all new visuals and extra high jackpots up for grabs. Jackpot Jester 200,000 features a classical Las Vegas style theme which features traditional symbols such as the jester card symbol and royal values, with special wild symbols thrown in too for good measure. This game features a basic reel format of 3 reels in total, which creates a small scale online slot which is very basic but incredibly easy to follow - this is perfect for players who do not want any complex design features, as this online slot as as simple of a design as possible at this online casino.

Jackpot Jester 200,000 features just 5 paylines in total, which may not sound like a great amount but this design feature is due to the smaller scale of the reel in this game - despite this betway pattern, this online slot is still a high variance slot which offers a fair chance of winning. Jackpot Jester 200,000 is most known for its exceptional jackpot prizes. The jackpot of this game is up to £200,000 and is so high that this feature has made it into the title of this online slot! For higher winnings and access to this huge jackpot in Jackpot Jester 200,000, be sure to bet with higher stakes as this online slot includes the use of multiplier payouts in the payment system of this slot.

Jackpot Jester Symbols

 Jackpot Jester 200,000’s most valuable symbol found in the slot is the jester symbol which is the wild of this game, bringing a payout of up to 100 times your stake for a payline of this special symbol. This online slot UK also comes with enhanced payouts in the bonus features of this slot, which are exactly what makes this online slot as strong as it is. The first bonus feature of Jackpot Jester 200,000 is the Bet 20 Bonus Feature, a controllable feature which players can use for extra benefits. In this feature, players of Jackpot Jester 200,000 can opt in to double their bet size and payouts, which is the key to the jackpot wins of this slot - this feature is most appealing to players who prefer to bet higher stakes, as this feature requires higher bets to activate.

Super Game Bonus Round Bonus Feature

Another feature of this game is the Super Game Bonus Round which is the main bonus of this online slot, offering a multiplier boost of 5x your win and doubled payouts. It is through the super game which the £200,000 jackpot is won in Jackpot Jester 200,000 as this payout is not available in the main game. The Super Game bonus round in Jackpot Jester 200,000 offers all new payouts of up to 10,000x your stake which is a huge difference to the original payouts made in the main game - this feature gives this slot some personalisation which puts players in control of their game, giving more benefits to those who bet higher at this online casino. Jackpot Jester 200,000 does offer a slightly underwhelming return to player rate of 94.9%, which is much lower than the average rate of online slots at this online casino. However, Jackpot Jester 200,000 is still considered a high variance slot which means this rating is not too much of a concern for players, and there is still a fair chance of winning a payout at this online casino.

Jackpot Bonus Feature

 The main focus of Jackpot Jester 200,000 is the huge jackpot payout of up to £200,000 which is available. However this game does feature some bonus features to keep things exciting. Jackpot Jester 200,000 boasts a fun Super Game feature which offers exclusive access to the highest jackpot payout of the slot, as well as multipliers up to 5x your win and double bet sizes! Another feature of Jackpot Jester 200,000 is the Bet 20 Feature which is a controllable addition to this slot, giving players an optional access to double bet sizes and payouts for an additional stake amount. 

About the Developer of Jackpot Jester – NextGen Gaming

 Jackpot Jester 200,000 is developed by NextGen, complete with their usual traditional inspiration and strong visuals. For more popular UK online slots by NextGen at DoveCasino.com, try Foxin Twins for a slightly more quirky theme, with the same strong payouts and bonus features to explore.

Placing a Stake with Dove Casino

Jackpot Jester 200,000 is designed with a very Las Vegas style casino aesthetic, complete with traditional fruit symbols and the famous jester symbol as the wild. The overall theme of this online slot is fairly simple yet traditional, complete with neon lighting to replicate the authentic casino design. Jackpot Jester 200,000 is very simple in format which you will immediately notice, with a 3 reel design to maintain a basic style. Jackpot Jester 200,000 is complete with HD visuals and compatibility across all devices, allowing to to enjoy on mobiles as well as desktop formats via PayPal Casino App at Dove Casino.