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Playboy Gold Jackpots PayPal Slots

 Playboy Gold is a vintage style UK mobile slot developed by Microgaming, featuring a 6 reel and 10 row format. Playboy Gold boasts a whopping 100 ways to win across the payline pattern, with a Return to Player Rate of 96%, giving this mobile slot medium variance at this online casino. Playboy Gold includes some very unique and fun bonus features including a Jumbo Blocks Feature, a Credit Prize Feature, a Match Bonus Feature, a Wheel Bonus Feature and a Free Spins Bonus Round to form a fast-paced mobile slot full of action. 

Playboy Gold features a very unique theme, set in a slightly vintage style reel design. Playboy Gold is slightly complex in comparison to other mobile slots, with a large 6 reel and 20 row design, giving Playboy Gold a narrow and very complicated appearance. Playboy Gold features a total of 60 symbols on the screen to manage, which can be overwhelming for new players but does offer some extra benefits. For example, because of the larger reel in Playboy Gold, you have 100 paylines to work with in this mobile slot - that is a huge difference from the usual standard format of up to 25 ways to win. Playboy Gold balances this out with a medium variance rating of 96% RTP, which is the usual rate for all mobile slots to maintain a fair volatility at this PayPal Slots.

Playboy Gold also includes a very wide and unique betting range which can be explored by all player strategies and styles. Playboy Gold requires a minimum stake of £0.50 per spin, which is slightly more expensive than you may be used to at this PayPal Casino but when you discover the bonus features offered by this game, you will realise that it is more than worth it! Playboy Gold also has a huge maximum limit of £500 per spin, which is a huge range for players to use, which makes this mobile slot suitable for every player strategy possible at this online casino. Playboy Gold offers some pretty impressive payouts, with a jackpot of 1,500x your stake as the highest paying symbol payline in the main reel.

Playboy Gold has a very unique theme - it is safe to say, this is one of the only UK PayPal Casino slots of this theme and style. The first thing to mention is the 6 reel by 10 row design, which is a very large reel by any standards - this may defer beginner players as it can be overwhelming at first, but does offer something a little different and exciting at this online casino. Playboy Gold includes vintage style symbols such as various card symbols including clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds which creates a classical style. Playboy Gold also has a golden reel, surrounded by HD images of hostesses to complete the Playboy theme of this mobile slot. Playboy Gold is set against a dark background, with glowing symbols to create a luxurious aesthetic - this slot looks great on all devices, including mobiles and desktop formats via PayPal Casino App.

Playboy Gold Jackpots Symbols

Playboy Gold has a wide range of bonus features available including a Free Spins Bonus Round, a Bonus Wheel Feature and a Jumbo Blocks Feature. The bonus rewards available in Playboy Gold can be payouts up to £175,000, free spins, wild wins, colossal symbols and much more. 

Free Spins Bonus Feature

There are no multipliers in Playboy Gold, which is probably the only bonus feature of this mobile slot, which means this is the maximum payout available. This may not sound extravagant, but this jackpot can generate a maximum potential payout of £750,000 if players use the maximum betting limit of this mobile slot - which is an enormous win at this online casino! Playboy Gold’s fun does not stop there, as this mobile slot is simply bursting with bonus features to access. Firstly, the Free Spins Bonus Feature in Playboy Gold is your standard bonus feature, which is accessed via paylines of bonus symbols and can offer 10 free spins - there is no way to win more than this, so be sure to make the most of this reward if you win it!

Match Bonus Feature

Playboy Gold also comes with a Match Bonus Feature, which is essentially a prize pick bonus round where players are presented with cards to choose from - all you need to hope for in this feature is that you make a match, as if you do, you can win a progressive multiplier with every win which can excel up to 10x your win to boost your payouts in this game. Playboy Gold also includes a Wheel Bonus Feature which is like an extra mini game in this mobile slot - simply spin the wheel and hope for the best, with a maximum prize of 100x your stake on offer here! Playboy Gold includes Credit Prize Feature, which is a special bonus feature which gives out wild symbols, re-spins and colossal symbols in this action-packed bonus feature.

Jumbo Blocks Bonus Feature

Playboy Gold also makes use of Jumbo Blocks as one of the many bonus features of this mobile slot, which expands symbols up to 4x4 of your reel of the same symbol - this essentially does all of the hard work for you, meaning payouts are much easier to make when this feature is active at this online casino. Playboy Gold offers a wide variation of payouts, from just 10x your stake, to 100x your stake and the jackpot prize of 1,500x your stake at this online casino. Playboy Gold has a classical design with a few complex features, which will definitely appeal to any player looking for something a little different with a vintage style, at this online casino.

About the Developer of Playboy Gold Jackpots – Microgaming

 Playboy Gold is designed by Microgaming, who have also created very popular mobile slots such as Break Away Deluxe which has a similar style to Playboy Gold, and can also be played at!

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