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Shamans Dream PayPal Slots

Shaman's Dream is a 5 reels, 25 paylines UK PayPal Slots game by Eyecon. Shaman's Dream has Wild, Scatter symbol, Free Spins, and Gamble features, and an RTP of 95.44%. We'd love you to play Shaman's Dream here at, a PayPal casino that also proudly offers over 600 fantastic slots, including Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs, Shamans Dream, Shaman's Dream, and Chilli Heat.

If you gave us just one word to sum up this classic slots game from Eyecon, we'd have to go with 'atmospheric.' It's as eerie and haunting as a slots game could possibly be, and yet at the same time, it possesses a sense of beauty. Quite a few slots have tried to work with the theme of Native American mysticism - and we have several examples at Dove Casino - but we're not sure anyone has ever done it as well as Eyecon have here.

According to Native American belief, a Shaman was two things in one; religious leaders and spiritual healers. They could channel the powers of the Gods to heal any illness or injury, and were believed to have abilities that bordered on the supernatural. Virtually every great civilization in the world has believed in the powers of the Shaman at some point, but it’s the Native Americans who are the most closely linked with that belief.

Because this slot is all about Native American imagery, the location for the backdrop is, unsurprisingly, North America. We're deep within the canyons, somewhere calm and peaceful. When we're playing it, we also get a sense that we're back in time by a century or two - although that might just be us! Whenever Eyecon decides to work with a theme, they do great things with it, and Shaman's Dream isn't a disappointment in that respect. Everything you see and hear in this slot is tied to the theme, from the twine-bound wooden frames to the authentic soundtrack of panpipe music. The sun is setting behind the canyons, and all seems well with the world. It's almost tempting to sit and look at it for a while - but there are slots to be played, so let's focus in on what Shaman's Dream really has to offer!

We said that everything you see and hear in this slot is consistent with the theme, and that extends to the symbols you'll see on the reels. The low values are represented by objects that come from the Native American world:- a dagger, some jewelry, a wigwam, and some hard-to-identify weapons. Above them, we have some character symbols, which are more valuable. They are, in order, Pocahontas, a wolf, an eagle, two crossed tomahawks, and the Shaman.

Shamans Dream Symbols

Eyecon almost always include bonus features in their slots, and to get to bonus features, you need bonus symbols. Shaman’s Dream has two of them; a white wolf serving as the wild, and a dream catcher as a scatter. The dream catcher is the only symbol that the wolf can’t stand in for when it comes to creating winning lines. As an extra perk, any winning combination made using the white wolf is worth double what it would otherwise have been.

Free Spins Bonus Feature

We imagine many of you will have played some of the other Eyecon slots we offer at Dove Casino, and if you have, you’ll know that Free Spins almost always make an appearance. That’s the case again here, where they’re triggered by landing three dream catcher symbols on the same spin. Your reward for doing so is fifteen free spins, although you can win more by triggering the round again while it’s up and running. The re-triggers are subject to an absolute maximum of 400 spins in one session.

A good free spins feature is reason enough to be happy, but it should make you even happier to know that the value of all wins is trebled while the spins are happening. Make a winning combination with a wild symbol during the spins, and the multiplier applied to that win goes up to 6x. If luck is on your side, your best chance of walking away from Shaman’s Dream in profit is getting into the free spins feature and taking it for all it’s worth.

Gamble Feature Bonus Feature

The second bonus feature on offer is a Gamble Feature, and is also a common inclusion in Eyecon's slots. This is a game of chance, with odds of 50/50. If you'd like to stake the value of your last win on that game of chance, all you have to do is pick the correct one out of the two options you'll be presented with. Doing so doubles the value of your win, and if you're feeling especially fortunate, you can bet again up to five times in a row. Just one single loss will lose everything you've won, however, so be very sure you want to take the bet.

About the Developer of Shamans Dream – Eyecon

If you know slots, you know Eyecon. They make some of the most popular and most played slots in our UK Paypal casino, and they have an excellent eye for strong themes and solid design. They’ve been well respected as a provider from almost the moment they set up in their home nation of Australia over twenty years ago.

The series of slots that Eyecon is best known for is Shamans Dream, and probably always will be. The cute slots, with their stuffed toy theme, have been enchanting players for well over a decade, and show no signs of losing their appeal any time soon. Unsurprisingly, Eyecon has released several sequels to their original hit. The most recent adventure for the Fluffy gang took them into space! You'll find all of the Shamans Dream slots here at, and we strongly recommend them if you've never given them a look before. They would want us to point out that they do make other slots as well, though, and so we're also happy to suggest Vlad's Castle as another example of them doing their best work.

Placing a Stake with Dove Casino

We hope you like the sound of what you’ve read about Shaman’s Dream. If you’re ready to play, why not take advantage of the fact that we’re a UK PayPal casino? Our status with PayPal means that we can accept registration via your PayPal account, and we can also accept deposits the same way. is proud to work with PayPal, and we feel that being a PayPal casino means we offer you the best standard of safety and security when playing slots online.