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The Goonies PayPal Slots

The Goonies is a 5 reels, 20 paylines UK PayPal Slots game by Blueprint Gaming. The Goonies has Wild, Multiplier, Free Spins, Bonus Symbol and Bonus Game features, and RTP of 96%. You can play The Goonies right here at a PayPal casino that features more than 600 leading slots including Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs, The Goonies, Shaman's Dream, and Chilli Heat.

There are two kinds of people in the world:- those who know that ‘The Goonies’ was the best kids movie released during the 1980s, and those who are simply wrong in their opinion. It was a fantastic film, and it still gives us a great sense of nostalgia whenever we see it on television now. That sense of nostalgia alone would have been enough to persuade us to play the official ‘Goonies’ slots game by Blueprint Gaming. The fact that it’s a great slot in its own right is just a big bonus!

In the unlikely event you've never seen the movie before, here's the cliff notes version. A misfit gang of kids tries to prevent the destruction of their parents' homes by an evil corporation by going underground and fighting pirates. It's every bit as offbeat and weird as it sounds, and no brief description could do it justice. That sense of off-the-wall fun is present in every part of this slot, which we feel is one of the greatest movie-linked slots we have on offer here at Dove Casino.

As everybody knows, where there are pirates, there's stolen gold. Your job in this slot is to win your share of pirate booty, and that means you'll have to consult a treasure map. Fortunately, the treasure map just so happens to be the framework for the reels and rows in the slot, which instantly sets the theme. The soundtrack, which is taken directly from the film, does the rest. Our reels are a standard 5x3 set, upon which you'll find the low-value symbols are J through to A, and the high-value symbols are scales (of the weighing variety), skeletons, pirate ships, chests full of booty, and pirate flags. The skull-and-crossbones pirate flag is the most valuable of the base game symbols, and it helpfully stacks when it lands.

If you see a silver coin land on the reels, it’s there to serve as a wild symbol. It can take the place of anything apart from the scatter to complete winning lines for you. The scatter symbol is another little nod to people who’ve seen the film - it’s One-Eyed Willy, who once owned the pirate ship before he became a little skeletal. If you’ve played slots by Blueprint at our PayPal casino before, you’ll know that they usually come packed with bonus features. The Goonies fits that pattern, so let’s talk about them!

The Goonies Symbols

There are two different bonus types in the official Goonies slot - randomly-triggered bonuses, and bonuses that trigger because of specific events in the base game. We’ll start off by looking at the latter. Landing three of the One-Eyed Willy scatter symbols entitled you to one spin of the slot’s bonus wheel. How that spin lands will determine which of the below bonus games you get to play.

Scatter Symbols Bonus Feature

Skeleton Organ: A scary name for a basic (but rewarding) feature. This is a classic prize-picker. Choose from the objects presented to you to find out what’s hiding behind them. Some are masking multipliers, and others are masking access to a different bonus game. Pick as many as you like - but beware of the Jolly Roger symbols. Pick three of those, and your bonus game is over.

Fratelli Hideout:- If we’re honest, this is the same as Skeleton Organ, but it’s dressed up behind different graphics. Pick from the keys on offer to find out what they’re hiding. The only real difference between this is Skeleton Organ is that there are cash prizes on offer instead of multipliers.

Goonies Go Wild:- The clue is in the name! This is a free spins round, with the added kicker that a randomly-selected high-value symbol will function as a second wild for the duration of the spins. After each spin, you’ll be asked to pick one of three copper pots that will be presented to you. One gives you another spin. One terminates your bonus feature. The other takes you to a different bonus.

Super Sloth:- Almost exactly the same as Goonies Go Wild, but played on a differently-decorated set of reels which are themed around the villainous Fratelli family.

Inferno Free Spins:- The best of the free spins features. The same scenario applies as is detailed above with regard to the copper pot selection after each spin, but this time you’re guaranteed one, two, or three wild reels on each spin.

One-Eyed Willy’s Treasure Bonus:- There are two ways of gaining access to the best bonus feature in the slot. You either land five scatter symbols on a single spin, or you get to it through one of the other bonus features listed above, all of which can potentially provide access. Once you’re here, it’s easy street. Simply collect every multiplier you can without landing on any of the booby traps. Once you do that, your game is over. You should have picked up some big wins before that happens.

Random Symbols Bonus Feature

That does it for the player-triggered bonuses, but here are a few more that the slot might throw in for you at random. They might occur after any normal spin.

Mikey’s Hidden Riches: One spin with a randomly-selected wild reel.

Truffle Shuffle Wilds:- Several extra wild symbols on the reels for your next spin.

Mouth’s Lucky Coins:- Mystery ‘gold coin’ symbols added to the reels for your next spin. When the reels have stopped spinning, they reveal themselves to be matching high-value symbols.

Data’s Colossal Symbol:- One large 3x3 high-value symbol on your next spin.

Sloth’s Win Spin: A guaranteed win next time you spin the reels.

One-Eyed Willy’s Bonus Boost: Extra scatter symbols for your next spin, meaning better chances of accessing other bonus features.

You don’t have to have seen the movie to enjoy the official Goonies slot, but you’ll probably get more out of it if you have. You’ll certainly never be bored - it’s one of the most feature-heavy slots in the whole Dove Casino collection!

About the Developer of The Goonies – Blueprint Gaming

Wherever you see a movie-licensed slot in the library, there’s a strong chance that it was made by Blueprint Gaming. They’ve turned their hand to a number of tie-in slots over the years, including the adult-themed ‘Ted,’ and the hilarious ‘Naked Gun.’ If the childhood nostalgia theme appeals to you, though, try ‘Count Duckula’ instead. That’s also a Blueprint product.

Blueprint is German-owned but British-based, with headquarters just outside Nottingham in England. Multiple bonus features are a common inclusion in many of their slots, but they were also one of the first companies to acquire a license to use the Megaways system that was originally devised by Big Time Gaming. They have incredible graphical design skills, and they pack every slot they do with as many features as possible to keep players entertained. To put it another way, Blueprint Studios' slots almost always represent a good time.

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