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What Is A Partial Cash Out & How Does It Work?

What Is A Partial Cash Out & How Does It Work?

In the sphere of sports wagering, the concept of 'Partial Cash Out' is an intriguing one. It allows bettors more flexibility and control over their wagers, offering an opportunity to reclaim a portion of your stake while keeping some stakes active. Here at Dove Casino, we explore the ins and outs of Partial Cash Outs and how they can potentially be utilised in betting strategy. 

What Is A Partial Cash Out & How Does It Work?

The Partial Cash Out is a unique feature prevalent in many sports betting platforms, giving punters a chance to withdraw a part of their wager while leaving some of their stakes to carry on the bet. This functionality mirrors the total cash-out system but with a key distinction: a partial cash-out does not expel you from the event entirely. 

In other words, instead of cashing out the full amount of your bet, you can choose to cash out a portion of it. The remaining part of your wager will continue to run, letting you have a stake in the event's outcome. 

What Does Partial Cash Out Mean?

Partial Cash Out, as the name suggests, implies that you're only withdrawing a 'part' of your initial wager, leaving the rest to continue running. How much of your wager you wish to cash out is typically a decision you can make based on the game's unfolding. 

This feature offers you the luxury of flexibility. If your bet seems to be going well, but you have some doubts about the final outcome, you can choose to secure a part of your winnings by using the partial cash out feature. This way, even if the game doesn't end in your favour, you'll have secured a portion of your bet back. 

Partial Cash Out Example

To illustrate the concept of Partial Cash Out, let's imagine a scenario. Consider there's a football match occurring between Team X and Team Y. You've placed a bet of £100 on Team X to win, with the odds being 3:1. If Team X triumphs, your potential winnings stand at £300. 

As the match unfolds, your bookmaker offers a partial cash out, beginning at 10% of your bet. You decide to cash out 50% (£50), leaving the other half of your bet active. If Team Y fails to overturn the game, you still stand a chance to win £150 (£50 x 3). If Team X maintains their lead till the end, you receive £150 from the bet and retain the £50 you cashed out. However, if Team Y stages a comeback and wins, you only lose the remaining £50 of your bet while keeping the £50 you cashed out. 

What Happens If You Partially Cash Out a Bet?

When you opt for a partial cash out, you're essentially amending your bet by reclaiming a part of your original stake. The remaining part of your wager stays active and will be settled according to the final result of the event. 

In the event of a win, you get to keep your partial cash out amount plus the winnings from the remaining portion of your bet. If the bet loses, you lose the remaining active stake but keep the amount you've already cashed out. 

Is a Partial Cash Out Bet Worth It?

Whether a partial cash out is beneficial or not largely depends on the punter's strategy and personal preference. It can be a handy tool for minimising potential losses, but it also means you may win less than what you would have had you not opted for a partial cash out. 

If you're a cautious bettor who prefers the option for finer control over your wager, then a partial cash out may be the right move for you. However, if you're someone who prefers to let your initial bet ride, you might consider avoiding the partial cash-out feature. Essentially, the worth of a partial cash out is subjective and depends on individual betting styles and risk tolerance. 

How Do You Use a Partial Cash Out?

The process to partially cash out your bet is generally straightforward. Upon receiving a prompt or a notification for the option to cash out your bet, you click on it. If the platform offers a partial cash-out option, you select it and specify the amount you wish to cash out. The minimum amount typically starts from 10% of your bet. 


To conclude, the use of partial cash out in betting can be an excellent strategic tool, particularly when the outcome doesn't seem to be going in your favour. However, its worth is subjective and depends on individual betting strategies and risk appetite. 

As with all forms of betting, make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your chosen bookmaker or sports betting platform before proceeding with a partial cash out, as it may differ from the information provided here. Remember to always gamble responsibly.